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LC Clean Caps

7 January 2018 Posted by: makeyourmark New Technologies

When performing any LC, HPLC or LCMS sample analysis, the level of cleanliness in the consumables used is essential. Ghost peaks from the septa cause challenges. For these instances LC Clean caps are ideal. ILT’s LC Clean™ 9mm bonded caps are the optimum solution.

Only the highest level grade silicone, conditioned at our facility, meets the demands required. Manufactured utilizing a color free silicone material with a clear PTFE sample facing film the certified cap offers our customers confidence of cleanliness.

Our LC Clean caps products undergo HPLC and LCMS testing using unique test procedures developed in cooperation with leading chromatographers and scientists. Testing starts with the raw material and continues throughout the manufacturing process. Once complete, a test certificate is issued, and the chromatogram provided to our customers to verify that our products maintain a high level of cleanliness.

We offer bonded clear LC CLEAN® in blue 9mm screw caps. We also offer gray bonded preslit clear LC CLEAN® 9mm screw caps.

Along with LC CLEAN® we also offer a wide variety of vial caps. Check out our large selection of chromatography caps, including screw top caps, snap top caps, and crimp top caps.

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