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About Us

The Story of ILT

Paul Petrosino founded ILT in 1993 as a manufacturer of caps, septa, and seals used by analytical instrument OEMs in the chromatography market. An engineer with significant industry experience, Mr. Petrosino recognized OEMs needed chromatography consumables manufactured with a higher level of quality, reliability, and cleanliness. In 1994, Mr. Petrosino developed a chemically inert process to bond septa to plastic caps without using adhesives.
This revolutionary invention was an industry breakthrough that eliminated expensive and time-consuming hand assembly of caps, prevented costly liner fallout, and set the standard in the market. This innovation would become the basis for ILT’s flagship product, Inter-Seal® bonded caps. In 1995, Kevin Frake joined as VP of Sales of ILT bringing significant expertise and customer relationships from his prior roles.

By 1996, the Company had doubled its production of caps and penetrated the environmental testing market with its 11mm lined caps. ILT began to differentiate itself by investing in vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities to support custom product development for its customers. The Company invested in building proprietary tooling, designing unique machinery, and training its technical staff.

In 2022 Kevin Frake was appointed as President of ILT.

Our Management Team
Kevin Frake

President, ILT

Kevin joined ILT in 1995 as VP of Sales & Marketing. President of ILT from 2021.

Kim Vasiliou

Chief Financial Officer

Kim joined ILT in June 2002.

Rich Doyle

Chief Operating Officer

Rich joined ILT May 2024

Joe Pinto

VP Sales, August 2023

Joe joined ILT in 2018 as the Eastern Regional Manager. Director of Sales from May 2022.

Lisa Marlow

Business Relations Manager

Lisa joined ILT in 1997.

Ken Greene

Director of Engineering

Ken joined ILT in January of 2013. He became a Project Engineer in January 2015 and Director of Engineering in December of 2017.

Michele Slade

Director of Marketing

Michele joined ILT in 2013 as Western Regional Sales Manager, Director of Sales through May 2022 and Director of Marketing June 2022 to present.

Mike Lewis

Operations Manager

Mike joined ILT in June 2011 as a Project Engineer. Operations Manager from February 2022 to present.

Scientests Viewing a Tablet

More than 30 years of experience in manufacturing silicone septa.

Our Mission

Integrated Liner Technologies’ mission is to redefine existing liner technology through cutting edge advances in manufacturing methods and material science. We manufacture products that meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.

ILT employs a fully qualified in-house staff of mechanical, manufacturing and electrical engineers along with a chemist and fully equipped state of the art laboratory. Our technological expertise, creativity, and ability to ‘think outside of the box’ have allowed us to create our own unique equipment and tooling not found elsewhere in the industry.

Expanding For Growth

By the early 2000s, the Company moved into a larger production facility to accommodate increasing volumes. ILT also strategically expanded its consumable portfolio through a new product development program. ILT developed a reputation as a technological innovator and market definer with a keen ability to design, engineer, and manufacture customized sealing solutions.

During this time, ILT made several strategic investments to enhance its vertically integrated manufacturing operations. The Company utilized in-house engineers and local tool shops to create custom machinery that enabled calendaring and slitting of silicone from any grade and durometer required. ILT also partnered with a supplier of silicone to secure a consistent supply of raw materials. In addition, the Company obtained ISO 9001 certification and built an independent in-house laboratory to test all finished products and enhance its quality processes. Shortly thereafter, ILT won a significant contract with its now largest customer to be the primary supplier of chromatography caps and closure consumables. Over the next few years, the Company engrained itself within the instrument life cycle of its OEM customers’ as ILT’s products became the industry standard in the majority of analytical instruments for high-performance liquid chromatography and gas chromatography.

Foundation for Continued Growth

During the past five years, ILT’s technical depth and vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities have grown considerably. The Company brought all proprietary equipment design and maintenance functions in-house with the acquisition of a 25,000 sq. ft. machine shop in Albany, NY. ILT also outfitted its production line with state-of-the-art automated quality systems and obtained ISO 15378:2017 certification. The cultural commitment to continuous improvement and technological innovation that was developed over three decades has led ILT to successfully execute on its strategic initiatives.

ILT Timeline
Why Are Our Products Better?
Our technology

ILT’s core strength is the ability to design, engineer and manufacture customized solutions. We constantly find innovative ways to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations.


Fully qualified in-house staff of mechanical, manufacturing, and electrical engineers. Using only FDA approved materials in accordance with GMP and ISO 15378 standards.

Industry expertise

Technological expertise, creativity, and ability to ‘think outside of the box’ allow us to create our own unique equipment and tooling not found elsewhere in the industry.

Sales Partners

ILT has stock distribution partners across the globe. These companies are carefully chosen as we work together to bring innovative, high-quality products to the end user customers. Our OEM products can be branded and packaged for individual recognition.

Top Leaders

ILT is the world’s leader in manufacturing lined caps for multiple industries; Inter-Seal™ bonded changed septa fall out during transit, user capability for reliably sealed caps and reduced sample loss during analysis time. Our company continues to bring new products to the market that advance user experience with technology and material improvements.

Integrated Liner Technology products are manufactured in the USA and distributed across the world. Contact us now to find your nearest distributor.