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Chemical Packaging

Leaders in Chemical Packaging

ILT has many years’ experience in working with leading chemical packaging companies on custom design projects for use in bulk packaging and end user applications.

We understand the need for compatibility between your product and its’ packaging using material that provides chemical resistance and long-term storage capability. Materials used provide an inert barrier and eliminate the risk of contamination or leakage from the cap.

ILT has the widest range of septum materials to meet chemical packaging industry standards and our R & D engineering facility can work with you on new material requirements.

Chemical packaging requires the carrier of hazardous materials to be secure during the storage and transportation process. A cap plays an integral part to prevent leakage or outgassing from the container. All caps utilize the ILT Inter Seal™ bonded liners which uses an electrolytic process to bond the liner without the use of any adhesives which could contaminate contents.

Chemical Packaging Products

20mm Screw Caps
20mm Septa Only
22mm Screw Caps
22mm Septa Only
33mm Bonded Screw Caps
33mm Assembled Screw Caps


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