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Leaders in Chromatography

As a leading manufacturer of septa, lined caps, and Inter-Seal™ bonded caps for the chromatography analyst; ILT manufactures products using only the highest quality silicone and elastomer products. ILT manufactures liner materials including PTFE/silicone, butyl, PTFE/butyl, aluminum faced/silicone or natural rubber/PTFE that meet stringent application requirements. Comprehensive ranges of material thickness and durometer for compatibility with all analytical instruments. All liner materials are tested in our fully equipped on-site laboratory.

Scientist at a Bench Performing Chromatography

Used daily in Pharmaceutical labs, all Drug Development R & D facilities, Law Enforcement drug and alcohol testing, medical facilities, manufacturing of food & beverages quality control. LC; GC; LCMS & GCMS is the scientists standard for sample prep and separation analysis.

Chromatography Products

Metal Crimp Caps with Red Septa
8mm Crimp Caps
Metal Crimp Caps with Red Silicon Liners
11mm Crimp Caps
11mm Snap Caps
Two Black Screw Caps with Liners
8mm Bonded Screw Caps
8mm Assembled Screw Caps
8mm Septa Only
Red and Grey Vial Caps and Liners
9mm Bonded Screw Caps
Blue Vial Caps With Red Septa
9mm Assembled Screw Caps
9mm Septa Only


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