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ILT Laboratory

About Our Lab

The ILT internal full-service laboratory, situated at the NY manufacturing facility, offers the latest testing capability for the industries that ILT caps serve. Caps produced at Integrated Liner Technologies are used in areas of Chromatography, Headspace and Environmental testing within Pharmaceutical labs, Environmental labs, Clinical Diagnostics test kit producers, Chemical Packaging manufacturers. Used in everyday facilities for Food, Perfumes, Flavorings, Beverages for both production and quality control the ILT laboratory provides internal testing on all raw material and caps as they proceed through the manufacturing process, to a final QC check before shipping to customers.

Using state-of-the-art equipment for LCMS/GCMS/Headspace and Purge and Trap the laboratory meets the needs of not only the internal quality control pre-and post-production, but also assists customers with certification and data available as required or for a specific analysis.

Vials with Caps in Chromatography Equipment
Material Testing on All Incoming
and Outgoing Products

At ILT all raw materials received are tested to ensure they meet the high-level specification requirements ILT demands from our suppliers. As a converter of raw silicone material through to fully automated production lined caps, ILT follows strict guidelines per the material specification requirements for each cap. Our state-of-the-art laboratory provides ongoing sample analysis to ensure consistent finished good materials reach our customers world-wide.

Pharmaceutical sample analysis requires the highest-level base raw material and conditioning that will ultimately provide the cleanest assembled cap,  eliminating additional siloxane peaks during analysis. This material can then be prepared for any sterilization process that the customers specifications require.

Environmental Cap Testing

The environmental caps are conditioned to meet the standards set by the EPA for water sample analysis at parts per trillion and certification is provided to all customers using the environmental range of bonded caps.

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Chromatography and Headspace Testing

For chromatography and headspace sample analysis the material is manufactured for standard sample testing and also the higher-level LCMS or GCMS certification. Using unique pharmaceutical grade materials, the bonded lined caps provide exceptional cleanliness for sample analysis.

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Certificates of Compliance and Certificates of Analysis are available from ILT

Finished Goods Testing
EPA 8260 Testing

Modified EPA 8260 Method – Heated Purge and Trap GC/MS Analysis.

– Performed on finished 24mm EPA caps

– Certificate of Analysis specification

Headspace Testing

Dynamic Headspace GC/MS Method

– Performed on 20mm butyl and silicone headspace cap liners

– Specification for IPA, Benzene, Toluene, Xylenes

LC Clean Testing

Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy

– Performed on all LC Clean parts

– Specification: No peaks

All ILT products are manufactured in the United States.