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Environmental Products

Today’s requirements for environmental analysis are so demanding that products must be tested and certified to ensure that they are free of contamination.

ILT environmental liners are manufactured from ultra-low bleed silicone, ideal for in-vial heated purge and trap methods like EPA Method 5035 where siloxane peaks may interfere with target analyte detection.

ILT Sure-Clean© combination cap is an innovative lined cap and cover to reduce chemical and particulate contamination keeping the septa clean in the field or lab which ensures better analytical results.

Environmental sampling analysis conducted daily on a global platform is used to measure contaminants protecting human and wildlife ecosystems.
Used by all municipalities and water testing labs, toxicology sample analysis, wastewater, and drinking water analysis.

ILT has developed a system, referred to as conditioning, to control the level of volatiles in its products. This system is verified by the use of gas chromatography, the results from which are certified for higher purity grades.

Level 1

General gasket, septa and cap liners

Level 2

Reduced volatiles. Level 2 septa are suitable for general gas and liquid chromatography analysis including single injection headspace testing

Level 3

Low bleed products. Level 3 septa are suitable for more rigorous testing. EPA method 5035, multiple puncture headspace testing

Level 4

Ultra-low bleed products. Level 4 septa are suitable for use as injection port septa for gas chromatography and any other applications where the ultimate in volatile free septa is required

Environmental Products

24mm Bonded Screw Caps
24mm Assembled Screw Caps


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