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Why an ISO Certification for Vials and Caps Is Important

10 January 2018 Posted by: makeyourmark New Technologies
Learn why ISO Certification is important for the vials and caps you purchase.

Vials and caps are essential in the medical field and are crucial to various work settings including law enforcement and research facilities. Vials and caps are mostly made of glass or plastic.

The vials and caps are generally used to collect and store medicines and/or laboratory samples. When storing any medicines or samples, you should use vials and caps that are compatible with your facility’s samples and storage methods.

When you purchase your vials and caps, make sure you purchase products that are ISO certified. If you don’t know why ISO certification is important, we will explain.

What is ISO Certification?

A management system defines an organization’s operations, which helps the organization to meet its goals. An ISO 9001 certification creates a standard for a quality 1 management system. ILT is certified to ISO 13578 for manufacturing caps, which is an exceptional grade for lab practice in manufacturing.

An ISO certification helps businesses to reduce waste, which can help them to clearly identify your objectives and pinpoint new business opportunities. It also enables businesses to streamline operations, which can lead an organization’s staff to achieve higher productivity.

An ISO certification isn’t a requirement; however, customers will appreciate an ISO certification because an independent certification body audits your practices against the requirements of the standard as a way of communicating to your buyers, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders that you have implemented the standard correctly.

ISO certification is recognized globally. Customers know that the ISO certification standard means less mistakes, better communication, and better quality all around. Companies that become certified can see an increase in customer satisfaction and sales.

ILT’s ISO Certified Vials and Caps

Integrated Liner Technologies is an ISO certified company. We have various types of caps available for our customers to choose from.

Our vials and caps, and septa are made from the highest quality materials for a variety of industries including pharmaceutical, environmental, energy and fuels, forensics, materials science, biopharmaceutical, and more. We offer a selection of certified vials and caps, including HPLC vials and caps, septa caps, plastic snap caps, GC and LC vials, GC, and LC caps, and GC sand LC septa.

At ILT satisfaction is part of the customer experience. We pride ourselves on making safety for our customers our top priority, so your needs are consistently met. Contact us to learn more today!

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