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What Are Snap Caps?

1 May 2023 Posted by: makeyourmark Uncategorized

What is a snap cap?

A snap cap is a plastic cap used to seal sample containers such as test tubes, microcentrifuge tubes, and vials. The “snap” portion simply refers to the snap or click mechanism used to open and close the cap, rendering them incredibly convenient to put on and take off. The cap ensures a tight and secure seal when pressed upon the container, and provides an additional oxygen barrier to protect the sample inside. ILT is currently offering an 11mm Snap Cap among its products. 

Snap caps are manufactured in various colors, sizes, and shapes, depending on the needs of individual laboratories or testing locations. 

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What are snap caps used for?

The main uses of snap caps appear in molecular biology and biochemistry—where the success of many experiments depends on the maintenance of the integrity of a sample. Research scientists use snap caps to seal and store small-volume samples such as DNA, RNA, proteins, and enzymes. They are instrumental in the prevention of contamination, evaporation, and leakage of stored samples. 

Snap caps play an important role in chromatography. This procedure involves the separation and analysis of a mixture based on its physical and chemical properties. Samples are usually dissolved in a solvent and injected into the chromatographic column, where it will interact with the stationary and mobile phase, leading to the separation of the sample’s components. Snap caps protect the sample during each step of the experiment, including if the sample needs to be heated or cooled before injection. The snap cap will help keep the temperature of the sample at the level it needs to be throughout this process.  

Snap caps are also a favorable tool used to aid in sample transfers between laboratories and other facilities. The security of the seal prevents any transport-related trauma from disturbing the sample inside. As whole, snap caps help ensure the accuracy, reproducibility, and reliability of experiment results in the scientific field. 

Why should you choose ILT-manufactured snap caps?

ILT Snap Caps are made with a variety of lining materials and colors of silicone/PTFE, and are manufactured to meet the high levels of cleanliness required in laboratories and other analytical environments. All of ILT’s products are tested on site in a fully-equipped laboratory to ensure quality control. Every laboratory has unique needs and specifications, which ILT strives to meet with highly customizable and adaptable products. Every step of the manufacturing process is a test of creativity, and ILT chooses to use only the highest quality silicone and elastomers. There are few other providers that can match ILT’s status as a trusted provider of cap liners, septa, and cap lining systems.