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Vial Caps for Pharmaceutical Labs

3 January 2018 Posted by: makeyourmark New Technologies
Why Pharmaceutical Companies Choose ILT for Vial Caps

Integrated Liner Technologies (ILT) has been a trusted manufacturer of vial caps and cap seals for pharmaceutical labs worldwide for over two decades. We are the single largest producer of lined vial caps. Our state-of-the-art equipment is built from the ground up in-house which prevents loss of time due to routine maintenance or repair. Additionally, our machinery converts raw silicone into production rolls using multiple silicone-faced materials.

ILT has a highly qualified team of mechanical, manufacturing, and electrical engineers along with our own chemist on location. We proudly manufacture all vial caps in the USA from our Rensselaer, NY plant. ILT is a global leader in the most cost-effective production of pharmaceutical vial caps. Contact us here to order vial caps today!

Custom Vial Caps for the Pharmaceutical Industry

ILT regularly collaborates with instrument manufacturers to offer a comprehensive range of material thicknesses and durometers, meeting all specifications for instrument compatibility. We have a full R & D and Engineering department staff to assist customers with any special requirements needed. Our team can create custom vial caps in a variety of materials such as silicone, PTFE, natural red rubber, and aluminum-faced silicone as well as a wide range of PFAS specialized materials.

Standard Vial Caps

Our standard caps include screw caps in 8mm and 9mm, snap caps in 11mm, and crimps in 8mm, 11mm and 13mm. These vial caps come with an assembled or bonded liner and are manufactured using a range of materials that include PTFE faced silicone in any of our standard colors.

Our Smart Septa vial caps offer a new advancement by allowing pharmaceutical labs to track samples at the individual vial/cap level. These embedded tags can be scanned with commercially available RFID handheld devices. These tags cannot be removed or tampered with and provide customizable data storage parameters. The administration of data is completely secured. Contact us here to order Smart Septa vial caps today!

Chromatography in Pharmaceuticals

Chromatography is the “science of separation,” dating back to the mid-1800’s. The technique was originally used for the separation of plant pigments like chlorophyll. Now, chromatography is a vital part of the pharmaceutical industry. ILT’s technologically advanced, automated equipment and vision systems provide the highest quality control, allowing us to remain a world leader in pharmaceutical vial caps. Every product is tested and manufactured with silicone and elastomer products that meet or exceed industry standards. In addition to pharmaceuticals, ILT also serves clients in Headspace Analysis, Environmental Testing, Diagnostics, and Chemical Packaging. Contact us here to order vial caps today!