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Platinum Silicone

6 January 2018 Posted by: makeyourmark New Technologies

Integrated Liner Technologies (ILT) has mastered the technology needed to convert raw silicone into production rolls using multiple silicone-faced materials. However, their advanced machinery and extensive knowledge don’t stop there. ILT takes its quality standards even further with the use of platinum silicone for manufacturing vial caps and silicone septa.

Platinum Silicone versus Silicone

The difference between platinum silicone molds and silicone lies in the type of curing process. Standard silicone is peroxide-cured and uses a process called free radical curing. Platinum-cured silicone uses a process called addition curing. Because platinum silicone produces no peroxide residue, there is little risk of mold fouling. This leads to increased overall productivity and decreased downtime. ILT builds its machinery from the ground up in-house, reducing loss of time due to repairs. Decreasing errors by using platinum silicone is one more way ILT keeps its quality control and manufacturing speed at optimum levels. This is why we have been a globally trusted leader in vial caps, silicone septa, and septa products for over 20 years. Order platinum silicone products by contacting us here.

Advantages of Platinum Silicone

ILT is the single largest producer of lined vial caps in the world, and our use of platinum silicone is one of the reasons we stay at the top of our industry. Platinum-cured silicone is used in many industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and injectables. This is the desired material for any process in which the ability to withstand things like temperature extremes, radiation, and ozone exposure is necessary.

There are several grades of silicone, with the most common being standard silicone, food grade, and medical grade. Medical grades require platinum silicone since it is safer, cleaner, and contains no byproducts like BPA. Another advantage of platinum silicone is its durability and longevity. It’s pure and requires no plasticizers to render it flexible or stable. This type of silicone can last over 45 years without breaking down or evaporating. Order platinum-cured silicone products by contacting us here.

USA Manufactured Platinum Silicone

ILT employs our own team of highly skilled mechanical, manufacturing, and electrical engineers along with our own chemist at our plant in the USA, where all products are manufactured. Keeping our entire process in-house keeps our productivity high and our costs low. We can then pass these savings along to our clients.

Custom Silicone Septa and More

ILT regularly collaborates with instrument manufacturers to remain compliant and offer a comprehensive range of materials in various thicknesses and durometers. In addition to platinum-cured silicone septa, we offer custom vial caps and septa in other materials including PTFE, natural red rubber, aluminum-faced silicone, and a wide range of PFAS-specialized materials. We work with a variety of industries including Chromatography, Headspace Analysis, Environmental Testing, Diagnostics, Chemical Packaging, and Pharmaceuticals. Order platinum silicone products by contacting us here.