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What is SPME Septa?

10 January 2018 Posted by: makeyourmark New Technologies
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Experienced scientists, individuals who work in laboratories and those responsible for ordering chromatography supplies are familiar with the term SPME Septa.

In this blog post we will explain SPME septa in detail and explain why it is important to use American made quality septum for your products.

What is SPME?

Solid phase microextraction, SPME, is a solid phase extraction sampling technique that includes the use of a fiber coated with an extracting phase, which can be liquid or solid and extracts various kinds of chemical species. The quantity of the species extracted by the fiber is proportional to its concentration in the sample just as long as balance is reached or has been reached for a short period of time with the help of agitation.

Once extracted, the SPME fiber is transferred to the injection port of separating instruments where the release of an absorbed substance from a surface is carried out.

A benefit of SPME is that extraction is quick and can be done without solvents and detection limits.

The ILT MicroCenter Septa™

ILT has manufactured a septa specifically for SPME automated applications and instruments using a magnetic sample transport system. The uniquely designed septa has a micro thin center section which reduces the potential for needle bending or breaking of the needle fibers during analysis.

The ILT MicroCenter Septa combines the functionality of a standard thickness headspace septa with the piercability of a thin center membrane. The thicker outside wall of the septa provides a perfect seal in the cap to prevent septa fall out, while the micro thin center remains easy to pierce.

It can be used for standard headspace analysis, SPME and Dynamic and Static headspace analysis.

At Integrated Liner Technologies, we have the world’s first septa that has been designed specifically for automated SPME applications and instruments. Some of the features of our MicroCenter Septa™ include:

  • Micro thin center liner to reduce needle fiber damage
  • Design enables a tight seal within the cap
  • Molded for dimensional conformity with the unique thin layer center design
  • Manufactured from low extractable silicone

ILT’s MicroCenter Septa™ is available in 18mm screw caps and 20mm crimp caps.

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of chromatography supplies. Whether you’re in need of cap liners, lined caps, or seal bonded caps our products are made in the USA and are of the highest quality. You can rest assured your labs will be able to report accurate data.

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