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Leading the Way With Environmental Testing Solutions

Environmental Analysis Ensures Compliance, Safety, and Sustainability

Environmental analysis is the systematic examination of environmental components.





Quality environmental lab equipment is key for studying and protecting ecosystems.

Gas Chromatographs
For analyzing air pollutants.

Mass Spectrometers
Used in identifying unknown compounds and their concentrations.

pH Meters
Essential for determining the acidity or alkalinity of water.

Soil Test Kits
To assess nutrient content and contamination in soil.

For measuring light absorption in water samples.

Air Samplers
For collecting and analyzing airborne particles.

Impact environmental management and policy decisions with advanced analysis techniques.

Lawmakers and governors must balance the protection of natural resources and human and industrial activities. Municipal water testing involves local authorities to test the water supply to determine its quality and safety for public use. Officials analyze water for various parameters like pH, turbidity, microbial content, and the presence of chemicals or heavy metals to ensure that the water meets health and safety standards, providing safe drinking water to the community. Regular testing also helps in identifying potential issues in the water supply system, allowing for timely interventions.

Environmental Testing Standards Compliance

Regulatory bodies, such as the EPA in the U.S. and the EEA in Europe, set standards and guidelines for the industry in order to uphold environmental integrity and public health, often requiring rigorous testing and consistent methodologies. This practice works to detect and mitigate ecological risks for sustainable management of our environment.

What are the most common environmental contaminants?

Lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, often resulting from industrial activities and mining.

Chemicals used in agriculture that can run off into water bodies and soil.

Chemicals found in various solvents, paints, and fuels that can evaporate into the air.

Microplastics and larger plastic debris, which are prevalent in oceans and other water bodies.

Nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and particulate matter, primarily emitted from vehicles and industrial processes.

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