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Understanding and Empowering Clinical Diagnostics

Clinical diagnostics is a driving force in modern healthcare, using a wide range of testing and examination to identify root causes of a patient’s symptoms or illness.

Clinical diagnostic testing began centuries ago with simple observations of physical signs of illness, eventually progressing to complex analyses of these biological samples:





Diagnostic testing equipment and supplies play a pivotal role in improving patient outcomes.

X-Ray Machine
Produces images for medical diagnosis using radiation.

MRI Machine
Creates detailed images using magnetic fields and radio waves.

CT Scanner
Uses X-rays for cross-sectional body imaging.

Test Tubes
Laboratory containers for holding and mixing liquids.

Small containers for storing liquids, powders, or capsules.

Specimen Containers
Hold biological samples for diagnostic testing and storage.

Clinical diagnostics is a driving force in modern healthcare.

Diagnostic testing uses a wide range of methods to identify root causes of a patient’s symptoms or illness. The diagnostic processes in the field are a key part in the accurate diagnosis of various diseases, from common infections to complex genetic disorders. They also track the progression of illnesses over time, allowing healthcare providers to verify the effectiveness of treatments in order to make fully informed decisions about patient care, be it adjustments or alternatives.

The diagnostic industry has gained particular prominence in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ILT faced a monumental challenge when tasked with significantly increasing production of caps for COVID-19 test kits. Despite the hurdles, they swiftly adapted, ramping up production to meet unprecedented demand. This feat underscored the importance of agility and preparedness in crises, showcasing their ability to ensure a steady supply of critical components for pandemic response efforts.

A Timeline of Notable Discoveries in Clinical Diagnostics

Doctors and practitioners use urine as a diagnostic tool, marking one of the earliest milestones in clinical diagnostics. They note changes in color, smell, and taste to diagnose various illnesses, laying a foundation for the more advanced techniques that would follow.

Microbiology emerges as a distinct science after Louis Pasteur demonstrated that microorganisms cause fermentation, debunking the theory of spontaneous generation and launching modern microbiology.

Robert Koch discovers tubercle bacillus, a notable milestone in understanding infectious diseases.

Karl Landsteiner discovers the different human blood groups, completely revolutionizing blood transfusions and saving countless lives.

Invention of the electron microscope, further augmenting the ability to examine cellular structures and microorganisms.

Introduction of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), a technique that amplifies DNA sequences, greatly impacting molecular diagnostics.

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