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18mm Steel Screw Caps

ILT’s  customizable 18mm Steel Screw Caps are made from steel to be used on all magnetic transport system instruments, and lined with combinations of butyl/natural PTFE, and silicone/PTFE. Caps manufactured by ILT provide the high level of cleanliness needed to meet analytical laboratory requirements. Interested in our products? Contact us to be connected to our sales team.

Our high-quality caps are available in silver, with liner thicknesses ranging from 1.3mm to 3.25mm.

All of our products are tested in our onsite laboratory, fully equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure quality control. As the largest global producer of lined caps, ILT is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the industries of manufacturing and material science.

We understand that every laboratory has unique needs and requirements. From product design to laboratory testing, our creativity is found nowhere else in the industry. We use FDA-approved materials in accordance with GMP and ISO 15378 standards. When it comes to the industries of Chromatography, Headspace Analysis, and beyond, ILT remains the trusted provider of cap liners, septa, and cap lining systems.

    ILT Item Number Style Color Thread Cap Material Liner Material Liner thickness(mm) Liner thickness(in)
    018-03-7698 Screw 18mm Steel/magnetic Red butyl/natural PTFE 1.6mm 0.065”
    018-03-8070 Screw 18mm Steel/magnetic Red butyl/natural PTFE 3.25mm 0.125”
    018-03-7711 Screw 18mm Steel/magnetic White silicone/red PTFE 1.9mm 0.075”
    018-03-7715 Screw 18mm Steel/magnetic Trans blue silicone/white PTFE 1.8mm 0.070”
    018-03-7712 Screw 18mm Steel/magnetic White silicone/blue PTFE 1.5mm 0.060”
    018-03-8074 Screw 18mm Steel/magnetic White silicone/natural PTFE 3.25mm 0.125”