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13mm Crimp Caps

ILT is offering highly customizable 13MM Crimp Caps. We use materials such as butyl and silicone, with natural, red, and clear PTFE. Caps manufactured by ILT provide the high level of sanitation needed to meet requirements for analytical laboratories using serum vials or bottles. Interested in our products? Contact us to be connected to our sales team.

Currently, our 13MM Crimp Caps are available in gold and silver. Our high quality caps can be lined with silicone/PTFE or butyl/PTFE materials that provide clean, analytical results. 

Why ILT?

All of our products are tested in our onsite laboratory, fully equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure quality control. As the largest global producer of lined caps, ILT is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the industries of manufacturing and material science. 

We understand that every laboratory has unique needs and requirements. That’s why our 13MM Crimp Caps are offered in such a wide range of high quality materials. In the industries of Chromatography, Headspace, and Chemical Packaging, ILT is the trusted provider of cap liners, septa, and cap lining systems. 

ILT Item Number Cap Material Style Color Liner thickness (mm) Liner thickness (in) Liner Material 013-03-0255 Crimp Aluminum 1.4mm 0.055" 013-03-6001 Crimp Aluminum 1.4mm 0.055" 013-03-7619 Crimp Aluminum White silicone/red PTFE 1mm 0.040" 013-03-9426 Crimp Aluminum Red silicone/clear PTFE 1.2mm 0.050" 013-03-7614 Crimp Aluminum Red PTFE/white silicone/red PTFE 1mm 0.040" 013-03-7142 Crimp Steel Clear silicone/natural PTFE 2.03mm 0.080" Gold Silver Silver Silver Silver Silver